London, August 2nd 2015

Working in the UK

Check out some websites that advertise job vacancies within the UK:

Permission to work
Students in any category of visa are not allowed to work in the UK. However, students in undergraduate, post-graduate, MBA or PhD courses can work 20 hrs per week. Individuals who wish to work full time in the UK must apply for a work visa or hold a European citizenship.

The British currency is the pound sterling. Whoever needs to receive money from another country must have a credit card for withdraws, or use the service of agencies that transfer money from other countries to the UK such as LCC, Western Union, Safe transfer, Go Transfer, among other. Please note that you must ensure about the reputation of these companies to avoid future surprises.

National Insurance number
This stands for your registration to the social security. Its function is to ensure the right collection of fees that are deducted from your wages, should you are entitled to work. To apply for it, just get in touch by phone: 0845 377 0001.

Bank account
It is very important to open a bank account, so your employer can pay for your salary and the fact that many schools have agreements with the main banks in the UK (Barclays, Hallifax, NatWest, Lloyds) helps a lot. To do this, you need to present your passport, proof of address, employer’s letter and a letter from the school or university.

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