London, August 2nd 2015

Transport in London

In London and in almost all Europe is possible to purchase a transport ticket (travel card) monthly, weekly or daily. With this ticket, you can use all city buses, underground and train lines, according to the selected areas. In London, after midnight when the tube is closed, there is the possibility to use the night buses of which circulates throughout the night. Full-time students (minimum 15 hours per week) are entitled to 30% discount. For schedule and routes, visit:

Click here to access London Tube map

London Airports
London has five airports: Heathrow, the busiest in Europe with five terminals focused primarily on long flights. Heathrow connects to London through Piccadilly line (subway line) or Heathrow Express line, which connects the airport to Paddington station; the Gatwick airport in the region of Sussex. To get there, you can take the Gatwick Express from Victoria station, as well as regular train services out of several stations in central London and a bus service also from Victoria (Victoria coach station); Stanstead, which connects with London via Liverpool Street Station; Luton airport, connected to London through St. Pancras station and City airport connected through subway line DLR.

Congestion Charge
To drive in central London, between 7am and 6:30 pm, you must pay congestion charge, which does not apply to motorcyclists. This law was imposed in order to reduce traffic in the downtown area. To know more please access

Driver’s license
Your country’s driver license may be valid in the UK for one year, from the date of your entry, please check this information with your embassy or consulate. After that, you must request permission in Britain. In this case, the first thing to do is pay a fee in the mail and get the Provisional Driver’s Permit (Provisional Driving License). With this document you can drive only on the side of a licensee with a formal British for more than three years. After submitting to the written examination and be approved, you can subscribe for the practical test. The general information regarding the exams is in the form of driver’s permit. The Compulsory Insurance in the UK belongs to the driver and not the vehicle, so if the vehicle has more than one owner, all must have individual insurance, which comes out a bit more expensive. The MOT (certificate provided by an authorized mechanic) must be renewed every year and is also required. When police asked the driver’s documents, it has a permission for up to seven days to present them at the station.

Bicycles hire
Developed by the Mayor of London, the program is a success. Most hire stations are distributed throughout the center of London, all the customer has to do is choose the time of use and pay by credit card. But keep track of time, for if it is exceeded there will be a fine. To know more click here.