London, July 31st 2015

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Mainly changes to Tier 4

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New students at publicly funded colleges will be prevented from being able to work in the UK. From “the autumn”, “college students” will be unable to switch to a work visa or extend their study visa whilst they are in the UK. The rules around academic progression are being tightened so that university students are […]

Non-EU migrants who have spent more than five years working in the country will be required to earn £35,000 per year or else face deportation, according to a policy that comes into effect in April next year. The policy, announced in 2012 by the home secretary Theresa May, has been criticised this week by the […]

LondonHelp4U is top of mind when people think about visa and immigration advices in the United Kingdom. The company has 99% of success in applications submitted to the Home Office. With 14 years of experience and dedication to the business, LH4U helps lots of Brazilian to regularise their immigration status in the British territory. Here […]

The new NHS immigration health surcharge for temporary migrants and students comes into effect from 6th April. Nationals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) coming to the UK for longer than six months will be required to pay the surcharge when they make their immigration application. Temporary migrants will be required to pay £200 […]

Our client Teh Lee Wah (Effie) celebrated this morning the arrival of her Further Leave to Remain Visa. She is originally from Malaysia and arrived in the UK as a visitor in June 2013 with her children. Since November 2012, LondonHelp4U assists Asian clients on immigration matters and student recruitment services. Vanessa Hu is our […]

Since 28 October 2013, the candidates applying for for extension of stay in the United Kingdom, indefinite leave to remain in the country, or British citizenship no longer need to provide an original passport from the British or settled person supporting their application. The changes affecting  these applications were confirmed by the Home Office this […]

Words by Veridiana Ribeiro Translation by Cristiane Carard From now on, the UK’s pioneering Brazilian agency in immigration services, LondonHelp4U, offers complete assistance for candidates who want to apply for an Italian passport. Thanks to a partnership between LondonHelp4U and an Italian law firm which has offices in Brazil and Italy, our clients can count […]

From the 29th October 2013, all the candidates applying for the British and for the Permanent Resident Visa the United Kingdom must passed on two different tests: the “Life in the UK” and an B1 English test. The certificates of both test will be mandatory for these candidates. LondonHelp4U offers the B1 test and also […]

The British government plans to rise from £ 10 000 to £ 20 000 pounds the fine imposed on companies that hire illegal immigrants as their workforce. The value would be charged for each illegal worker hired, according to what is already happening nowadays. The announcement was made last July 9th by the Immigration Minister, […]

If you intend to apply for a permanent Visa to live in the UK or wish to apply for a British passport, but has not yet made the course Esol with Citizenship, it is best to hurry up. LondonHelp4U offers new classes days 2, 3 and 4 September. The certificate Esol with Citizenship has the […]