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Considering that the world is becoming more globalized every day and differences of culture and languages are no longer important barriers between people, it is not hard to find couples from different nationalities willing to start a new life together.  If that is your case, your partner is British and you are planning to move […]

From the 28th of October, those who wish to be settle permanently in the United Kingdom or those who wish to become British citizens will have to comply with the new rules announced by the government on the 8th of April. In addition to the test “Life in The UK” or the “ESOL Certificate with […]

From now on, if you are taking the Life in the UK test you will have to answer questions based on the new handbook ‘Life in the UK – A Guide for New Residents’, which was published on 28 January 2013. The new test will include questions on all sections of the new handbook, meaning […]

  With many events scheduled for the coming months, the UK should receive hundreds of thousands of visitors. Many take advantage of the opportunity to visit friends or relatives who live here. And many will be hosted by the houses of these people. Hence the question: how to help them with the visa requested by […]

The British Government is committed to reducing immigration to levels considered by it as sustainable. In a time of high unemployment, the government believes to be sure employers in the country employ professionals in the local market. At the same time they believe that skilled workers from overseas can play important support in the British […]

  Help for immigrants forced to flee their marital relationships as a result of domestic violence became the permanent basis of British government from April 1. Eligible spouses and partners will have a limited exceptional license from the Border Agency UK. This will provide access to public funds and support services to permit the victims […]

  Living permanently, or even temporary, in another country includes not only cultural and habits change. You also have the rights and duties to the new nation. LondonHelp4U will inform our readers everything they need to know while they are living in the UK. During your stay here, you have the right to: • be […]

A series of changes in immigration rules is in the British parliament since the 15th of this month. Most of these changes will take effect from next April 6, 2012, and may affect immigrants who were admitted after April 6, 2011. See how the new laws will be. From April 6, immigrant visa under Tier […]

Since February 29, all foreigners from countries outside the European Union applicants for visas to remain in the UK for more than six months will have to register their fingerprints and digital facial image – so-called biometric records. For immigrants whose visas are approved will be issued a biometric residence permit as proof of immigration […]