English A1 for visa

Register today at LH4U to take the A1 English test, required by the British government for fiancé and marriage visa The Ministry of UK Borders now requires the Test of English at A1 level for nationals of countries not members of the European Union (EU) who wish to marry and live in the UK, with an EU member or resident.

At LondonHelp4U, besides taking care of your visa process, we offer the test in our Sao Paulo – Brazil and London – UK. Click on the country of origin to know more: The A1 test offered in London by LH4U is duly recognized by the British government. The cost of the test is £180, and must be booked in advance.

The result is revealed right after the test and the certificate only take up 5 working days. Besides the test you can also apply for your visa with LondonHelp4U; we give you 100% guarantee or your money back.

The test became mandatory from 29 November 2010. The government’s goal is to ensure that individuals who wish to settle in the UK as a civil partner of a member of the European community, or resident, can speak and understand the English language and integrate into the culture of the country. On taking the test, you should be able to demonstrate a basic command of English through basic conversation – no writing, reading and listening will be required. This level is considered basic, equivalent to 40-50 hours of language study, for most students who are already familiar with the language. According to the Home Office, the goal is for the person to understand everyday expressions and very basic phrases.

Contact LondonHelp4U for further clarification; we are prepared to offer you the best support and all the security in your visa application and test. To enquiry: education@londonhelp4u.co.uk